Resources for Actuarial Science Students

A few great places to check out.

Actuarial Outpost

I am often on the AO, as we like to call it, primarily posting under the username campbell (and sometimes as limabeanactuary).

Different parts of the forum are more and less useful. The exam subforums have been very helpful to many a student, and the technology forum can be helpful if you have trouble with Excel and the like.

I wouldn’t take the advice in the Careers forum that seriously, but the resume review forum has helped many people.

While I post only under my real name, most people post using pseudonyms. That is probably prudent for most people.

Special Interest Sections at the SOA

If you want a taste of what actuarial work is like, I recommend reading the section newsletters from the special interest sections at the Society of Actuaries. You can join these groups for as little as $20 per year without being a member of the SOA, but you can read the newsletters online for free.  You will likely not understand much of what is in the newsletters, but don’t be afraid of being confused.

The Future Actuary

I’ll quote them:

The Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) /Society of Actuaries (SOA) candidates’ newsletter, The Future Actuary, reaches thousands of actuarial candidates yearly taking the first four jointly administered CAS/SOA exams. Published quarterly, readers gain insights on topics like career development, nontraditional careers, study tips, and professional conduct and ethics.

It’s geared towards students, so yes, you should read it. I still think the professional publications will help give you perspective as to what you’re working towards.